Learn about Our Business from Reviews on Our Pawns in Olympia, WA

I’ve always had a good experience. I have to thank you for being here! I really appreciate doing business with Airport Auto.

-Christina M

Airport Auto is the best; they go above and beyond to serve their customers. Carla and Johnny are the best, and their customer service is exceptional. When I bought my truck, Johnny even gave me a ride so I could pick it up and not have to walk home.

-Travis B

Carla, you are awesome, cool, and the best person alive.


Thank you for the amazing customer service! I was referred by my girlfriend and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful help in my time of need! I will definitely come back and use their services again and refer my friends and family!

-April L

Carla was outstanding in helping me pay bills due to being in the hospital for 2 weeks. She gave great customer service and was very friendly. I will be definitely sending friends and family members to Airport Auto RV Pawn. Thank you Carla.


-S. Lapinoja

I’m very grateful for all the help your staff has shown me. They were very helpful and treated me with respect and very polite to me. Thanks for all your help.

-Marshall. G

Carla was so wonderful to deal with. Kind, caring, and very helpful! I wish there were Carlas at every business! Thank you so much.


Airport Auto and RV Pawn was a huge blessing to myself and my family. From the very beginning, the staff and owner made me feel comfortable and secure about the entire action. I am very grateful for Airport Auto and RV Pawn.

-Brooke R

These guys are amazing. They didn’t hesitate to help out an old vet at a moment’s notice. They are very professional and courteous. Thank you guys.

-Jeremiah W

There should be more people like you! We want to thank you for all you have done for us for the past 5 years. You have been great! You financed us back in 1998 when no one else would. Thanks again!

-Chuck and Ruby B

Mrs. Carla was extremely nice to stay late to help us. Thank you all the people who helped this go quick and easy and waited for us to get there.

You guys helped me get into a reliable car and really worked me through the process. Thanks 🙂

-Tabatha B.

I felt like a king the way I was treated here.


-Randall L.

Thank you so much for treating me so kindly both times I have been here. I appreciate everything you do to help me during this tough time. The entire staff is so understanding and makes the process very easy. Thank you a million times!

-Linna S

Carla is by far the BEST when it comes to customer service! She’s always polite and a joy to discuss business with. Thank you Carla for all you do!

-Mary B.

This place is awesome!


-Lynsey B

This is a great deal and the people are great to work with. I pawned four different times; all worked out great. Thank you.


I’ve always had a good experience. I have to thank you for being here! I really appreciate doing business with Airport Auto.


-Tiffany L

They offer great service and are very helpful. They went out of their way to help me.

Thank you to everyone.

Merry Christmas

-H. Whitsett

This business is a Godsend for me and my wife. She had a stroke, and, with the money I got for my truck, I can now afford her pain meds.

Thank you for everything you did for us.


This pawn shop was a blessing for me. I lost both parents within 18 months. After being their live-in caregiver, I found myself having to start a new life with no money. And thanks to Airport Auto Pawn, I got off to a new start.

-C. Westbrook

Everyone was kind, considerate, and professional. Thank you for getting us back on the road to better living in style. This is a great deal and business! The technician fixed the drop top, lights, and radio! So cool! Thank you.

-Julie R

The Airport Auto and RV Pawn and Hodges & Hodges partnership is the greatest! Everyone is so courteous and helpful that it’s unbelievable. They’ll even get you a “coffee and apple fritter.” Thank you to everyone at Airport Auto.


Awesome company to deal with. They are friendly and helpful! Treat folks the way they should be treated! Other like businesses are not as helpful and friendly! Outstanding service.


Carla is the best sales rep. She is understanding as well as flexible. I purchased two vehicles through her, and I look to purchase an RV someday. Carla rocks.


-R. Edwards, 2013

You guys rock! So helpful and FAST! Super friendly group of people! Can’t thank you enough!

-K Humphrey, 2015

I have an expensive ticket that needs to be paid by the second of April. By letting me pawn my car this will keep me from probably losing my license.

-A. Bannwarth, 2015

Mrs Carla was extremely nice to stay late to help us. Thank you all the people who helped this go quick and easy and wait for us to get there.

-C.S., 2015

Love the environment. Great service.

-S.P., 2014

I love this place. I’m now buying my 3rd car here. Carla has the best customer service and Juan is a great fixer of all things! Thank you so much for such a good buying experience

-L. 2015

This is best place ever if you need a used vehicle. The people here are very nice and personable and work with you and make it easy for you in your purchase. I will tell everyone that they should check this place out for buying a car.

-JV 2015