Frequently Asked Questions About Pawning in Olympia, WA


Q: What do you pawn?
A: We pawn vehicles, i.e. cars, trucks, boats, RV’s etc... Other items, such as construction equipment, tools, generators, etc... are considered by appointment only.

Q: How does pawning a vehicle work?
A: Firstly, the vehicle and title both stay on our property for the duration of the loan. The title has to be in your name and must be a Washington state title. If there are two people on the title then both people need to here. You also need to have a current ID. The process typically takes 30 minutes. Our mechanic will look over the vehicle, including a short test drive, and we’ll make our final loan offer. Keep in mind, our minimum loan on vehicles is $1,500. The loan is for 90 days. At the end of those 90 days you can either pay back the loan plus interest and fees and pick up the vehicle, or just pay the interest and fees to get another 90 days to come up with the loan and interest and fees (we usually refer to this as “rolling over” the pawn). You can roll over the vehicle multiple times. At the latest, be here 30 ­ 45 minutes before closing. Pawning hours end at 5:00. Important note: On loans $4000 and over, we require to be put on the title as legal owner and you as registered owner. Be sure to come in first for us to evaluate the vehicle.

Q: Can I make payments on my pawn?
A: No, we can’t take payments on a pawn. It needs to all be paid off at once.

Q: What is the minimum loan I can get on my vehicle?
A: The lowest loan we offer is $1500 and your vehicle’s trade in value must be twice as much. Remember, vehicle includes RV’s, boats, bulldozers, trailers, tractors, etc...

Q: Do you have a maximum loan amount?
A: There is no set cap on how much we loan, other than the value of your vehicle.

Q: When pawning my boat, do I need the title for the trailer as well?
A: Yes. We need the titles to both the boat and trailer.

Q: How soon can I pick up my pawn?
A: You can pick up your pawn the very same day if you’d like, or wait the full 90 days.

Q: If my ex-husband, brother, uncle, etc., are on the title, can I still get a loan?
A: You can only pawn the vehicle if everyone on the title is present. If grandma bought the car and it’s in her name, she’s the only one that can pawn it with us.

Q: Do I need proof of income in order to pawn my vehicle?
A: No, that isn’t necessary.

Q: Do I need good credit to pawn my vehicle?
A: No, your credit has nothing to do with any aspect of pawning.

Q: Can I get cash today?
A: We don’t pay with cash, we’ll write you a check that can be cashed for free at a local bank (Heritage Bank).

Q: What types of payments do you accept for pawns?
A: For Pawns: We take cash, cashier’s checks, and money orders for all pawn related payments. We do not accept personal checks for pawns.

Q: Is my vehicle kept in a secure location?
A: Yes. Our property is fenced in and we have security cameras.

Q: Can I pawn something that isn’t running?
A: No. If it’s a motorized vehicle, it needs to be running.

Q: Can I pawn my ring, guitar, DVD player, xbox...?
A: We only pawn big ticket times, such as vehicles, construction equipment, or tools.

Q: Do you do title loans?
A: No, we do not do title loans. The process of pawning a vehicle is different; the key difference is as a pawn shop, we need both the vehicle and title to stay here.