Learn More About Pawning in Olympia, WA

Pawning 101

Firstly, the vehicle and title both stay on our property for the duration of the contract. The title has to be in your name and must be a Washington state title. If there are two people on the title then both people need to here. You also need to have a current ID.

The process typically takes 30 minutes. Our mechanic will look over the vehicle, including a short test drive, and we’ll make our final pawn offer. Keep in mind, our minimum pawn amount on vehicles is $1,500. We do pay by check, and our bank is just a couple miles up the road. If you’d like to cash it there for free immediately after pawning, you’d need to be here by 4:00 at the latest to make it to the bank before they close at 5:00.

The pawn contract is for 90 days. At the end of those 90 days you can either pay back the balance due plus interest and fees and pick up the vehicle, or just pay the interest and fees to get another 90 days (we usually refer to this as “rolling over” the pawn). You can roll over the vehicle multiple times. For pawn payments we only accept cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders. No credit cards, no payments over the phone.

At the latest, be here 30 – 45 minutes before closing. Pawning hours end at 5:00.

Important note: On pawn contracts $4000 and over, we require to be put on the title as legal owner and you as registered owner. Be sure to come in first for us to evaluate the vehicle.