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1992 Thor west pinnacle 320 Q 32′


Has tons of storage inside and outside
Sleeps 6
Bench style table
4 burner stove/oven
Solid wood cabinets
Couch and swivel chair
TV in front and built in bedroom
Extra counter space at the sinks
VHS player
VHS and DVD player
Tub & Shower
Needs start up battery
House batteries are not deep cycle
We were able to start generator, it ran then quit and would not restart. Gas guage shows 1/2 tank
Ice maker has been disconnected
RV water heater has been removed but a 4.0 gallon electric only water heater is under the sink
Kitchen sink leaks
Some lights do not work
Water damage and rot in forward section of coach
Windsheild work but not propery
Awning rafter stops and length locks are missing
Fridge/freezer does not work and has stains that look like something has been leaking


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